The Only Manufacturer of Both Elevator Controller and PM Traction Machine in China!

Shenyang Bluelight Group

Bluelight group is leading manufacturer of both elevator traction machine and control system in China. Bluelight group was established in 1989, and focused on elevator industry for nearly 30 years. We could supply elevator PM traction machine, elevator controller, elevator control cabinet, elevator command board, elevator operation board, elevator extension board, COP, LOP, Dot Matrix/Segmental/LCD Indicator and other spares of elevator. Bluelight product pass CE, TUV, KTL certificates etc. Bluelight has design and manufacture plants in Shenyang, Fushun, Suzhou, Nanxun and Foshan. Every year, Bluelight provides products and service to more than 500 domestic and international customers, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Turkey, etc.

Bluelight Group

Established in 1989, Shenyang Bluelight was founded by three young masters from Shenyang University of Technology.With nearly 30 years' experience in researching, manufacturing and service in elevator products, Shenyang Bluelight has earned its fame as the National High-Tech enterprise, member of the China Elevator Association and ISO9001

  • The Presence of Bluelight

    On August 31, the Chuangxin St. factory of Bluelight in Shenyang, held a special and interesting competition. Congratulation our Foreigh trade team won the third place out of 12 teams! Let's see the game!

  • During heavy rainfall season, what needs to be paid attention to for elevator safety

    Since July, China is entering the flood season, from 16:00 to 17:00 on July 20 in Zhengzhou, the rainfall reached 201.9 mm, equivalent to 1/3 of last year's amount falling under 1 hour, the water levels in the city continued to rise and appeared. The heavy rainfall in the whole province reached its peak, power supply was interrupted in some areas, and subways were suspended. The flood protection and disaster control was in severe condition.