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UCMP Releveling Board

  • UCMP Releveling Board
  • UCMP Releveling Board
  • UCMP Releveling Board
UCMP Releveling Board
  • Bluelight
  • China
  • 15 days
  • 100000 unit / year

1. Elevator safety device.
2. Apply for UCMP function of elevator and open door of elevator before landing to the level.

UCMP Releveling Board

Model: ModelSJT-ZPC

UCMP board


1. Elevator safety device.

2. Apply for UCMP function of elevator and open door of elevator before landing to the level.

UCMP Test Function Operation Guide

UCMP specific testing process:

1. For gearless machine:

a. Stop the car at the leveling position in door zone (safe door zone switch signal must be valid. Confirm the indicator of the safe door zone input signal X23 on mainboard is lighting on first), and the elevator is kept in door close and inspection state, and no error prompt;

b. By keypad, modify the F1-21 drive mode to 4, and then the digital LEDs show: UC-1, which means enter the UCMP test mode. If this parameter can’t be set to 4, please check the requirements in Step 1.

c. Disconnect the door lock circuits by UCMP test switch, system detects the disconnection, and at once automatically bridge connects the door lock circuits through SJT-ZPC-V2A safe circuit board. Meanwhile the digital LEDs show: UC-2;

d. Set parameter F1-03, inspection speed to 0.3m/s or 0.5m/s(different inspection speeds will result in different braking distances), choose the elevator running direction according to its location (such as going up for elevator is empty at bottom floor or going down for elevator is fully loaded at the second top floor) then press the inspection slow up or slow down button accordingly. When elevator starts running, the digital LEDs show: UC-3;

e. After car moves out of the safe door zoon, safety circuit board detects safe door zoon signal loss thus cuts off door lock loop (contracts brake to stop elevator). System indicates Er60 error and lock it (cannot be cleared by power off, the reset method is described in step 6), the digital LEDs show E-60 and current floor F-** in turns, system exits UCMP test mode automatically, and parameter F1-21, drive mode change back from 4 to its previous value. The test is complete.

f. After test, reset UCMP test switch and inspection speed. Close the door lock loop and press slow up and slow down buttons at the same time for 5 seconds in inspection mode, and then Er60 error can be removed. Switch elevator back to auto mode, car is self rescuing to leveling zoon. Now, the system is in normal operation.

2. For geared machine:

a. Park the car in door zoon leveling location, doors are closed, system is in inspection mode and there is no error in system;

b. Open the supplementary door lock loop by UCMP test switch;

c. Open the brake and let the car slip. Since the supplementary door loop is break, the supplementary braking device (rope clamp or rail clamp) is already in hold position. So when car slip is detected, the supplementary braking device actuates immediately and stops the car. The test is complete.

d. After test, reset UCMP test switch, reset supplementary brakes and all its corresponding safety loop switches. Exit inspection mode, system is in normal operation.

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