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Bluelight Car Door Integrated Controller


Car Door Integrated Controller




· Features

Adopts advanced vector control technology to increase running accuracy and stability.

Complete protecting and intelligent processing system to guarantee driving safely and reduce maintaining cost.

Features non-encoder asynchronous door motor drive function to system cost and risk of failure.

Multiple terminal types for I/O ports to support feasible connection methods.

High compatibility with peripherals and support easy connection when working solo as door motor controller.

When working in Bluelight control system, the controller combines full functions of Car Top Control Board and Car Door Motor drive, so no Car Board or Car Top Control Board is required.

 Featured with LED button control and Bluelight Digital Operator control for easy operation on site.

Model BL6-DU20P□


max motor power(KW)



rated output capacity(KVA)


rated output current(A)



Grid voltage(V)

1-PHASE, AC220, -15%-20%

Grid frequency(Hz)


Drive Features

max output frequency(Hz)


Speed range

1:50(Open Loop V/F Control);

1:1000(Closed Loop Vector Control)

Steady speed accuracy

±0.5% (Open Loop V/F Control);

±0.05% (Closed Loop Vector Control)

Starting torque

0Hz-180% (Closed Loop Vector Control);

1Hz-150% (Open Loop V/F Control)

Frequency resolution


Current resolution


Carrier frequency


Main Function

For asynchronous motor, support run directly without encoder after filling motor basic parameters;

For synchronous motor, support tune motor parameters and encoder zero position with load or without load.

Support AC PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) closed loop vector control with normal ABZ encoder, encoder open loop collector output or push-pull output mode

Support promote torque automatically or manually with open loop V/F control mode

Integrated the function of door control board on car roof. When work with sylg elevator control system, the door control board on car roof can be omitted. (S type does not support this FUNCTION.

Support door width self-learning function.

Support auto-demonstrating function

Support obstruction auto-recognize function.


Overload protection

Stop at 150% rated current 60s/200% rated current 1s

Support controller over voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over current protection, Open-phase protection, inter phase short-circuit protection and other functions.


Relay output

Standard Type

3 outputs: 2 SPDTS (single-pole double-throw), 3A/30VDC;

1 normally closed contact, 16A/250VAC

S Type

3 outputs: 3 SPDTS (single-pole double-throw), 3A/30VDC

Optical isolation input

8 inputs with built-in current limiting resistor, external DC 24v power supply, distinguish polarity, and configurable by software.

Using Ambience


Natural cooling

Protection degree


Ambient temperature Humidity

-10°C - +40°C, 5~95% RH, non-condensing


>1G lower than 20Hz

Application situation

Indoors, without direct sunlight, dust, corrosive/explosive gases

Storage situation




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