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Why to chose PMS gearless machine?


Why to chose PMS gearless machine?


PMS(permanent magnet synchronous) gearless traction machine becomes more and more popular in elevator market. In this article you will find out why.



1. PMS gearless traction machine does not need gearbox. Without gearbox, the power efficiency is at least 88% for energy saving grade 3, and 90% for grade 2, much higher than a geared machine with efficiency usually at 70%. Without gearbox, machine size is smaller, the transmistion is smoother and running very quiet. Best suitable for MRL. Also PMS gearless traction machine needs little maintenance.  


2. Gearless machine has effective load range from 20% to 150%. But for geared machine, only when 75%-100% load is considered as effective load range. When geared machine is loaded less than 75% rated value, the efficiency is very low, which means higher vibration and noise, energy is wasted. In diagram below, 1 is gearless machine, 2 is geared machine.


3. PMS gearless traction machine is power saving. Permanent magnet rotor does not need excitation current to produce magnetic field, so there is no core-loss. Compare to gearless machine, it can save 45%-60% energy. 


With so many advantages, PMS gearless machine will be the game changer in elevator market.

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