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Bluelight product --- SJT-YBA Voice Announcement Device


SJT-YBA-V12 elevator voice announcement is an upgraded version of V11. V12 has the full functions of V11. This voice announcement system bases on the CAN cable elevator control system of our company. It doesn’t only have basic functions of general voice announcement, but also have simple wiring and configuration, nice appearance. The main technical characteristics are as follows: 1. Adopting build-in FLASH memory voice module, the voice is in MP3 form, sound is similar to CD. It is of better compatibility and smaller occupied capacity, and is easier to make. As the carrier of the voice file, the build-in FLASH memory has high performance, high security, and the voice update is very convenient, you only need to connect the module to computer with USB port. 2. During the synthesis and record of voice, it adopts “GOLDWAVE” professional voice software to process the audio. Special voice content could be composed by customer or our company. The procedure of realization of such function is only to input the voice files into the FLASH memory by the rules, which shortens the delivery time. 3. SCM adopts STM8S208R8 of STMicroelectronics.

elevator voice announcement

Please refer to the attached instructions for more details

SJT-YBA.V12 Voice Announcement Device User Manual ....pdf

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